Come on in and make yourself comfortable.

Can we offer you a drink?

We believe that home should be a comfortable, friendly, pleasant place.  It’s where you return at the end of the day and put your feet up.  Home is where you let your hair down and run around in your comfy (and generally ratty) clothes. It’s where you can feel free to be whoever you are. 

We also believe in community. It’s great to have others to have a laugh with, share a meal, exchange ideas, or stay up chatting late into the night.  You get to know people in a whole different way when you share a home. Many of our closest lasting friendships have formed through shared housing!

While community is important to us, we are also respectful of one another’s need for privacy and time alone. Everyone has their own room and their own personal space. 

Sharing a house isn’t for everyone - but for those looking for community, a great space, economy, flexibility, and all of the great benefits that come with living in a house,

it can’t be beat!

Welcome to Our House!

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